From Inspiration to Transformation


Cynthia Newman is an Inspirational Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur whose mission is to empower, inspire and encourage others to live their best lives.  A graduate of Purdue University and Licensed Minister, she founded the Raising Queens Initiative as an outgrowth of her award winning book Raising Queens, where she empowers women and girls, through workshops and her annual Raising Queens Summit.  Cynthia has received numerous awards including a proclamation from the Indiana General Assembly for her work with women and girls in our community. She is the creator of “Life by Design” inspirational blog where hundreds of readers eagerly await her messages weekly. (To access her blog, visit www.lifebydesign.typepad.com or visit her web site at www.CNewInspiration.com)

She and her husband, Eric are Regional Vice Presidents with Primerica Financial Services where they teach families to become “properly protected, debt free, and financially independent.”

She loves supporting the community as a volunteer in various capacities including former President of the congregation at Light of the World Christian Church, member of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority and the Coalition of 100 Black Women.  Of all her accomplishments, Cynthia is most proud to be the wife of the love of her life, Eric Newman and mother of son Jordan. Together, they reside in Indianapolis, Indiana.


The Raising Queens Initiative

Mission Statement: To empower women and girls to find their purpose and lead productive lives by giving them the tools to live successfully.

Vision: Raising Queens Initiative is a movement where girls and women find resources and tools to learn core values.  The practice of these core values will facilitate a new generation to navigate successful lives.

Core Values

  • Self Esteem – Maintaining a high estimation of one’s self along with confidence, awareness and respect.
  • Leadership – Able to lead an effort to a successful outcome.  Developing wisdom and knowledge to engage in healthy relationships and discontinue unhealthy situations, i.e. dating, bullying, etc.
  • Etiquette/Social Graces – Able to present oneself appropriately in social and public settings by verbal communication, appearance and action.
  • Financial Management – Understanding the value of money, spending wisely and saving for the future.
  • Wellness – Preserving one’s body towards all aspects of healthy living including abstinence, weight management, mental and physical wellness.
  • Spiritual Development – Growth pertaining to one’s spiritual identity.
  • Education – Advancing one’s self educational and professionally, i.e. college readiness