Life by Design “Power Day”

This workshop is all about YOU!  Come spend a “Power Day”:

  • Defining/clarifying your dreams.
  • Discovering what holds you back.
  • Creating a plan to pursue your passion!

I’ll share some things I did personally to get on my path of purpose. The result has been astounding!

Discover the Queen in You

“No matter who you are or what or where you’ve been it’s never too late a be  queen!” In this workshop, Cynthia helps women know who they are and takes them back to the origin of their creation to show them who they are meant to be!  She teaches you how a queen rules by having;

  • The  Right “Self-Image”
  • The Right Self-Awareness
  • The Right Value System

So that you can live as a “Modern Day Queen!”

“RAISING QUEENS – Abstinence for Teens!”

Cynthia uses her personal story of marriage at 18 to walk teens through the mentality it takes save yourself until marriage. Teens open up because of her “what happens in the room, stays in the room” philosophy.

Teens learn:

  • Queens Require commitment
  • How to save your pearls
  • Connect the future to today!

It all starts with “The company you keep!”

Power Day Testimonials

Power Day Testimony







Power Day Testimonial